What is an escape room?


Escape rooms are a new type of interactive adventure game in which people are locked in a heavily themed room with other participants and have to use elements of the room to follow clues, solve puzzles, crack codes, and escape the room within a set time limit. 

—perfect for—



Time to make some new memories that will last a lifetime! If you’re looking for a challenging adventure with your friends and family, La Crosse Escape Room will more than entertain everyone, and even your grandparents! No need for special knowledge or skill sets, just come prepared to have fun!

team building and corporate

In need of breaking the ice among your team? Looking to develop your company’s leaders?  Would you like to boost morale and motivate everyone? From leadership development, increasing synergies, improving communications, or to simply observe how your team interacts, our escape rooms provide the perfect activity for team building.

couples and date night

Why not make it a date night? We mean, you’ve done it all: movies, dinner, maybe a few cocktails, a sporting event… We could go on. La Crosse Escape Room is now in the area! Come as a couple or make it a double, triple, or quadruple date! Whoever comes up with the idea will surely get brownie points, but be sure to escape!


So you've beaten all the levels of every video game and even passed all the escape games downloaded from the app store. Now it's time to put your skills to the test in a real life escape room! No more touch screens or controllers. Find the clues, crack the codes, and get out!


So you've hit the beach, seen the sights, and lived it up on 3rd Street. Now how about trying something really exciting? Whether you're here on business, vacationing here, or visiting family, an escape room is something you won't want to miss! Live escape games are the hottest new attraction around and La Crosse Escape Room is a must stop destination while you’re here.

moments and celebration

Whether you're looking to celebrate a new job promotion, birthday party, or just seeking an alternative for a bachelor or bachelorette party, why not choose us? Chances are, we're a great option to help celebrate those exciting life moments.

Looking for the ultimate fun package? We also do segway tours! check us out at for more information! Book both the escape room and segway tour and receive an additional 10% off for both activities. Must call to book for additional discount.