What is an escape room?

Escape rooms are a new form of entertainment where players are locked in a heavily themed room with other participants where you must follow clues, solve puzzles, find keys, and escape the room in 60 minutes.

Will we be playing with strangers?

No, not anymore. We now offer all private rooms at no extra charge. Once you book a room, it will automatically be closed and no further action will be necessary to ensure a private room.

Is it scary?

Yes and No. It depends on which room you choose to do. Currently we have a Bank Heist themed room, a Serial Killer room, a Prison Break, and a Deserted Island room. Our Serial Killer has some elements that may make some people uncomfortable but it's not the same type of scary you would expect from a haunted house. Rather, the puzzles and props in the room are ones of which you might find in a Serial Killer's lair.

How long does it take?

Currently, Our Bank Heist, Serial Killer, and Deserted Island rooms are all 60 minutes. Our Prison Break is 75 minutes in length. We will offer more rooms in the future that could vary in length. Please arrive 15 minutes before your session begins. This allows enough time to get checked in, use the restroom if necessary, and get an explanation of some of the rules. Expect your entire session to take roughly 60-90 minutes from the time you enter our facility to the time you leave depending on which experience you choose. 


Yes, our rooms are very challenging but vary in difficulty. The average success rate hovers around 28% to 58% depending on the room.

What is the cost?

The cost is $25.00 per person plus tax. Student pricing is $20.00 regardless of age (Middle school through college). 

Can I purchase gift certificates?

YES! You can purchase gift vouchers online or you can stop by our location and get a physical printed version.

What are your hours?




WEDNESDAY:  1:00 PM —9:00 PM

THURSDAY: 1:00 PM —9:00 PM

FRIDAY: 1:00 PM —10:30 PM

SATURDAY: 12:00 PM — 10:30 PM

SUNDAY: 12:00 PM — 9:00 PM

How many people play at once?

Currently up to 8 people can play at a time in the Bank Heist room as well as the Prison Break. 10 people is the room maximum in the Deserted Island room. If you choose our Serial Killer room, we can  accommodate up to 12 people in the room. All together we can accommodate up to 38 people at once.

Are cell phones allowed?

No, this is your chance to set that thing down for an hour! We will keep them secured in a locker until your session is over. 

How do I book my tickets?

To purchase your tickets, simply click the BOOK NOW tab on any page. Online bookings are made securely through Resova and require credit or debit card information at the time of purchase. All rooms are automatically private without any additional action required.

How far ahead of time can I purchase my tickets?

Our online booking system will allow you to purchase your tickets in advanced up to 3 months from todays date.

what's your cancellation policy?

Due to our booking system, we cannot refund tickets but we can reschedule your session 1 time for you. Tickets are also transferrable.

Do you have any daytime hours during the week?

We will normally be closed Monday and Tuesday but we are available for private parties and bookings. We do charge a $50 private booking fee for groups of 6 or less on non-business days or non business hours. With groups of 7 the fee is $25 and with groups of 8 or more the fee is waived. Please call us to set up your next event at (608) 518-3891.

Can I buy just one ticket?

We're sorry, but unfortunately we require a minimum of 2 players to engage in one of our rooms. If you're wanting to join some friends, you can just pay upon arrival or give us a call at (608) 518-3891 to have it set up for you. 

Will my session be with other players?

No. All of our rooms are private rooms at no additional charge and no further action is required to ensure a private room.

What if i cant handle it and i need out?

If at any time you feel that you absolutely NEED to leave the room, you can. There is an illuminated emergency exit button and the rooms are video and audio monitored by a game master to ensure your safety.

Do you have a restroom?

Yes, we do have several restrooms at our facility.

whats the minimum age requirement?

We advice a minimum age of 10 and up. For the Serial Killer room, the minimum age is 16 unless accompanied by an adult. 

where should we park?

There is 2 hour on street parking as well as a parking ramp one block West of our location but it can be tough to find a spot so we suggest coming plenty early to ensure a timely arrival. The 2 hour parking and reserved ramp parking is only enforced during the week until 6:00 P.M.

if we want to do the escape room and the segway tour, can we get a discount?

Yes! If you decide to go for both activities we will give you a 10% discount on each activity. Just call us to get everything set up for you.